Sat Nam,

In 2021, during this time of COVID, 3HO will be offering a full schedule of online events.  We will miss being together in person, but we hope you will join us to experience dynamic Kundalini classes, morning sadhanas, concerts, and connection with your Kundalini community from around the world.  All from the comfort of your home. See our Online Events Calendar here.

Children Under 5

We welcome mothers with children younger than 5 to bring them to camp.  Please bring all necessary provisions and care items you might need for your child. We provide some toys, art materials, a nap area, and a small fridge for any personal supplies.


There are 2 options for teens during Women's Camp. Young women ages 13+ are welcome to apply to Khalsa Youth Camp to be camp counselors. Female teenagers ages 13-17 are also welcome to join their mothers at Women's Camp at the rate of $325 for the whole event. 

Khalsa Youth Camp

Boys and girls ages of 5 to 12 must be enrolled in the Khalsa Youth Camp, which is located 5 minutes away on the grounds of Guru Ram Das Puri.  There is Youth housing for Khalsa Youth Camp, but they may camp at night with their mothers, if desired. 

If you register one or more children for KYC and you are a paying attendee of Women's Camp, you will receive 10% off the total for your children's registration.