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Spiritually Vibrant Households: A Summer Solstice Class

Spiritually Vibrant Households as Healing Centers for Aquarian Seva

Taught by Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and Krishna Singh Khalsa of New Mexico at Summer Solstice 2013

In the Aquarian Age, spiritually vibrant households will necessarily become sacred and powerful healing spaces. This is the model that Yogi Bhajan envisioned and championed in creating the 3HO ashram system.

In this class we will clarify “the paradoxes of unity and separation” within the polarity of all relationships. We can learn to navigate and communicate skillfully within the subtle complexities of interpersonal hopes, dreams, boundaries and wounds. We will provide experiences of communication, patience and facilitation practices that evolve toward deeper mutual understanding and working agreements. We can build relationships, seva projects and enterprises capable of strengthening and supporting the bonds of loyalty, community and household prosperity among us. After leaving Summer Solstice 2013, participants will also have an ongoing opportunity to continue to grow and participate in this community-building process we are modeling, via internet video services like Skype. This is what makes us all “Siblings of Destiny.”

The sutra “Recognize the Other Person is You” suggests that deep knowledge of oneself is the basis for true knowledge of another. This is the basis of authentic relationships, and the true healing of human society.

Krishna Singh and Sangeet Kaur have created a multi-media communications studio and small group meeting space in their home in order to facilitate personal growth and group success within collaborative projects. Their living room becomes a kind of theater for learning and meetings. Their doors are open to all, to participate in structured, flowing experiences of learning, healing, and joyful community. Sound current, Raj Yoga meditation, energy healing, authentic communication, facilitated dialogue and community based decision-making are essential components of this model.