Testimonials about Spiritual Names

Many people have written to us to share their beautiful experiences of receiving their spiritual names. Their stories were inspiring to hear, and we thought you would appreciate them as well.

We would love to hear about your experience of receiving your spiritual name. Please write to us and share your story with us.

"...for as long as I can remember I have wanted to change my name to Angharad - in keeping with my homeland/Welsh roots. I believed that if I had this new name, I would be able to live up to my aspirations, while shedding all my fears and past mistakes, and have a more directional life. Then I received the spiritual name "Angad"! Angad is just three letters taken out of Angharad - how totally incredible is that!

~ Angad Kaur, London

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity for me to obtain my spiritual name through your website.  What an incredible gift! For some time now, I was attracted to the notion of obtaining a spiritual name, and feel that now is the right timing to request one.  Although I'm grateful for the name my parents have given me, a spiritual name, as your website suggests, is a vibratory blessing which would, in just a few words, summarize my vibratory signature as a spiritual being on this human journey.  It will act as a constant reminder to me, helping me to bring myself back to my center.  As such, I will hold this name with great reverence, for it will be a mirror of my soul.”

~ Nadh Singh

“Thank you – I am deeply touched by this name, and will carry it with reverence. It has a strong connection to things that have transpired in my life in recent years, and will help me greatly. The notion that the Lotus comes from the mud, but rises to the air above the pool reminds me that the ugliness that has crossed my path is not the definition of who I am, but can be looked on as a source of nourishment and spiritual growth.”

~ Kamalpal Kaur, Washburn, Wisconsin

“Just want to thank you for my spiritual name...I received it the last year, on August 24...I just said it to myself and my husband...and now, one year later, always practicing Kundalini yoga and sadhana in France, I begin to share my spiritual name...I needed to become soaked with it before sharing it, by knowing that to share it strengthens this vibration on my path.
I understand now with strength what is the power of the nadh, what is the power of this name, what is the power of the incarnation of this beautiful name!”

~ Seva Simran Kaur, Bordeaux, France

“What I expected when I was asking for a spiritual name was like getting a nice new “app” for myself – easy to install and to use (userfriendly), but what happened was a complete “reset”, and in the process, when everything went down, I really felt uncomfortable, because you don’t want to give up what you are used to.
At the moment I wrote to you it was like there was almost zero around me, and it was so good and important to have that possibility! Thank you so much! Now I’m starting to discover a more profound aspect/truth of myself and I’m getting used to it little by little...and now I can accept Akalmeet.”

~ Akalmeet Kaur, Tönisvorst, Germany