Adopting Your Spiritual Name

Requesting and receiving your spiritual name are the first steps. The next is to adopt it as your spiritual identity, which helps to awaken you to your destiny. Many students have found it important to transition to their spiritual name through a sacred naming ceremony with friends and community members. At the end of Kundalini Yoga courses a naming ceremony is often held for those who requested spiritual names.  Others have had their yoga teacher or a significant other, give them their name. People can also create naming ceremonies for themselves, to help them consciously receive, and then begin to use their new names. As with other life transitions, sharing this transition with people who are important in your life, can make it more meaningful.

Integrating Your Name Into Your Life

The following are ways that people have created for this sacred process of integrating their spiritual names into their lives. Hopefully these can inspire you to create a beautiful one for yourself.

Shakti Kaur - Texas, USA

I didn't have a Kundalini Yoga teacher or any support group to help integrate my new name in my life. I knew it would be a guiding force in helping to positively change my thinking and habits from the old to the new, so I wanted to make sure I started using it in the most effective and beneficial way possible.

Without a clue as to how this could happen, somehow (which means God's divine intervention) I started calling on my inner voice to give me direction. I waited and waited, and finally when I tuned in, it came to me to be very confident and patient and began using my name, pronouncing it over and over, hearing it and feeling it, and took the time to ease everyone into accepting and using it. Surprisingly, I got less resistance than I had anticipated. Today, through the guidance of a spiritual name, I feel I am a walking testimony on the constant path to self-discovery.

Ravi Kaur - Española, New Mexico, USA

At the end of the 3 week Self Mastery (Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training) courses we have a 3 hour closing ceremony. During the ceremony we have the person who requested a name stand up, and then we read their new spiritual name and its meaning.  The whole class (up to 120 people) applauds, oohs and ahhs.

Towards the end of the ceremony the students pick a random Yogi Bhajan quote out of a bowl to read as their personal quote.  They stand in front of the group and introduce themselves using their spiritual name and say, "in the consciousness of a teacher...." and then read their personal quote.

It's quite powerful and people start to feel a connection with their new destiny right away.

Shakta Kaur - Chicago, Illinois , USA

Here is what we do at our Graduation Ceremony, for students completing their Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course.  It is a “Naming Ceremony”… in addition to being a graduation ceremony.

As I begin the ceremony I welcome our guests, who are the family and friends of the students, and thank them for sharing the Trainees with us during the eight-month program. I remind our guests of how strange it must have been to realize that their loved one had even asked for a name different from the one they were born with! Whew!  Adjusting to the new spiritual name is often quite as much a transformation for the family as it is for the Teacher Trainee!

I explain that all the women receive the name “Kaur” as part of their spiritual name, which means Princess who walks with power and grace, and all the men receive “Singh” as part of their spiritual name, which means Lion who walks with courage and grace. I explain that their spiritual name describes the destiny their soul is to walk in this incarnation. Each time they hear their spiritual name, I remind the audience, it is a vibratory blessing that reminds their soul of the purpose for which they came to incarnate on earth at this time. It is also, however, their greatest challenge as well!

I call each Teacher Trainee, one-by-one, up to the teaching platform first by their legal/birth name, and then also by their new spiritual name. I explain to the audience what the individual’s spiritual name means. It is usually at this time that head nodding occurs from family and friends who know that the spiritual name of their favorite Teacher Trainee is right on target...that it speaks to the essence of the person they have known for many years.

We encourage our Teacher Trainees from the very first day of Teacher Training to send in for their spiritual names. We also ask that they share the name and its meaning as soon as they receive it, so that we may begin using it for them immediately. Some are awed by their spiritual name at first … they feel they have to “grow” into it. Others are very resistant to their spiritual name … they have to “grow” into it for other reasons. Eventually all agree that it is a unique way to leave their old baggage behind, to view themselves in a totally different perspective and to recognize their divinity and grace as a perfect creation of the Infinite.  This is made all the more concrete by including their spiritual name as a major part of our Graduation/Naming Ceremony. It is our hope that with this action their friends and family will begin to use the Teacher’s spiritual name as well, or at least not be as unfamiliar with it as they may have been at first.

Ravidass Kaur - Chile, South America

I want to tell you that when I delivered the spiritual names to my students I prepared for them a special and loving ceremony, in which I talked to each one of them about the meaning of their spiritual names and the meaning that this has in this life style, how to have a better understanding and then meditate on it. I greatly appreciate this service of love that you all give to the people that request their spiritual names.

Nirbhe Kaur - Innerworks Wellness Center, Upland, California

Another special moment is when my students receive spiritual names. Without opening the letter, they bring it to class and I present their name. It is such an emotional experience for everyone and especially for me.  I cry every time I read that special name and what the name means.  Most of my students have spiritual names and I encourage everyone to call each other by their new names so they can be blessed.

We encourage you to create a ceremony/way, and would love to hear your experience. Click here to share your story with us.