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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Unshakable Courage, Commitment and Character

Excerpts from a lecture given on April 10, 1996 in Los Angeles, CA

When there is a temptation, any type of temptation, you remain you through all that temptation. This is your direct relationship between you and your soul. And you shall never lose the game of life. So whenever you represent yourself, you speak, you talk, you communicate, you relate, you do everything; the standard of your grace is not there to compromise.

Now the question arises, what should we do so we can understand all this? You have one thing in English called courage. It isn't the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it.* So live—or learn to live—courageously.

What is courage? Courage is when your spirit, your soul, talks to you, leads you in life—not your mind. The mind swings. Mind takes you from here to there, there to there. But it's the spirit which is stable, which is solid, which is the thing. So when the spirit comes through, the beauty of the spirit is that you have courage. History can prove it to you. People with courage have stood the time. They have stood the governments, the power. Even so much so that men of spirit have stood the tyranny of heavens and didn't give an inch.

There are some people in the human body who had courageous commitment against impossibility of time and space, and they stood their ground. They lost their human body but they did not lose their courage.

Character is a very enjoyable thing. Commitment is a most marvelous thing. These are not some ordinary things which all people have. A person with character and commitment will undoubtedly win the trust of everybody—it's known that this guy is not window-shopping. So the face and grace and commitment and character which a person can represent to the world surely brings the human into the brightness of it.

There are some who love God but there are some whom God loves. We take life very lightly. Who cares what is there? The question is, is your character shakable? Is your commitment shakable? Is your face and grace shakable? Then you are shaken already. Then nobody will let you live in peace and you are the enemy of your own tranquility. To that aspect, men of wisdom gave humans a tool and that's how Kundalini Yoga came into existence. Let us release the reserve, the spring power, uncoil it, let man’s chakras work in a harmony. There has to be ultimately a final teaching one day, where you can be you.

You have to become you. There is nothing more beautiful than you, when you have found you. The priority and purpose of life is that you must find yourself and you must become the real you. But you remain you in all psychological, sociological, biological, personal, emotional, commotional, everything. When everything is there and you are just you within yourself and you have found that depth, you have found your God. Then your word will mean something. When you have not found you, whatever statement you make is just an expression. Do you mean anything? No. Absolutely not.

The tragedy of the story is that you don't mean anything to yourself. Your entire existence is a comparative value—“Do you like me?” “I think you like me.” So the most precious pranic life you were given, you have just wasted it in comparative study. The most precious thing that ever happened to you is that you became you, and the most real thing that can happen is that you will be confined to you within you. And what makes you find within you, is the blessing of the science of Kundalini—the union which is forever between the person and one’s soul, penetrating through all the chakras, bringing the awareness in loftiness.

Tomorrow shall become today, when it will face you. Because yesterday gave me face and grace, I shall honor my tomorrow. I am honoring my today as I have honored my yesterday. I shall honor all that I see, feel, hear, touch. Therefore, I shall not fluctuate. Watch your mind—it has not found the base of the soul on which it can sit, stand or live on. See how without foundation you are.

So let us see if we can practice something tonight for a few minutes to get into our depth. Feel that you have a role to play and a script to follow and follow it correctly, so tomorrow may be a new dawn for you with a different experience. The hidden purpose [of this meditation] is to keep the posture going, so that the whole body becomes the arc line—that's the power of it. Please participate with courage, determination, and commitment, just to achieve an experience.

[The meditation taught in this class is called “Expand the Arcline” available on the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings.]

*Quote by Hugh Walpole in his book, Fortitude

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