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Numerology for June 2017: The Next Horizon

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of June is a time of expansion, growth, and change on the planet. The number 6 of June invokes our visionary awareness, and further inspires the question, “Where is my next horizon of love, happiness, and greater life purpose; and how shall I get there?”

After the fallout of the first half of the year, we are emerging into a more mature and street savvy version of ourselves. The number 6 resonates with conscious maturity, and quite boldly makes the statement, “There’s no way I’m going through that sh*t again!”

Good news, you don’t have to. Inherent in this month’s cycle is the ability and necessity to “double-check” your heart’s impulse and inclination. The reason for this is revealed in the Heart number for June, which is a 5. Number 5 is adventurous, full of life, and sometimes a risk-taker.

The impetuous side of 5 needs to be tempered by the Transformer number of 2, which is the domain of balance, boundaries, and what I like to call “Divine Discrimination.”

The number 2 is the Negative Mind, which has the ability to assess what the scope of a situation, personality, or environment is, and determine if there is danger present.

Then the Positive Mind can step in to see where the opportunities might be, and the Neutral Mind then follows with the balanced and most protected path.

Teach this process to your children as a real life training, and see how quickly their conscious maturity begins to develop. It is such a different world now than even 10 years ago, and our children require an even stronger set of life skills than ever before. These life skills include the ability to balance one’s own self as a protective measure against stress and burnout.

Children these days are given hours of homework to complete each night, with seemingly little regard for the need to exercise and relax with family and friends. In spite of not having the greatest childhood myself, the saving grace of it all was the family vacation to a cottage on a lake. For one month each summer it was a world of swimming, star-gazing, and barefoot walks around the lake. The entire psyche of the family decompressed through this, and I can remember as we were all driving back to N.Y.C. after vacation, thinking to myself, “When things get crazy, get out, get to nature, and you’ll be okay.” This affirmation has literally saved my life, and is practiced to this very day.

Looking further into the month of June, as well as solutions for our health and well being, it is important to note that the number 16 appears in the Base calculation. Sixteen represents Kindness and Forgiveness, and one of the greatest kindnesses we can bless ourselves with is to forgive and let go. The emotional burden of our anger and resentment is enough to sink a ship that might otherwise have made a successful voyage. Sixteen reduces down to 7, and number 7 is the Water Element. Make water a part of your cleansing regime, as in swimming, soaking in a hot spring, or sitting in a sauna. Sweat out the resentment, or it will have the potential of remaining in the cell tissues for the remainder of the year.

Remember, this year is like no other in that the number 10 (2+0+1+7=10) is “All or Nothing!”

You’re either “All in” with your diet, exercise, spiritual practice, etc., or, you’re counting all the empty ice cream containers spilling out of the trash can.

As a balance to the number 7 Water Element we have the number 6 which is the Fire Element. The 6th chakra is also known as “Agia Chakra,” which means “wheel of fire.” This is where we burn out the mental impurities through meditation. What will help you to become less reactive and more proactive, is the “Maha Shakti Chalnee Indra Mudra” meditation.

Yogi Bhajan has said that there are 6 pages in the scriptures devoted to the benefits of this single kriya. Included in the benefits is the ability to control the senses and thoughts. What an amazing gift to give yourself.So many people are feeling that life has gotten out of control. This is also a set that children would be able to practice. How about a once or twice a week family yoga set?

As you are cleansing, clearing, and taking time out for family, know that just around the corner in July is a time of increased opportunity and fortune. There are four “spark dates” in July, meaning that these are the days that have an inherent spark of good luck in them. They are the 1st, 9th, 18, and 27th. So, if it’s a wedding, new business venture, or grand opening, these are your better dates to launch.

Yogi Bhajan has said, “You must grind yourself to know your ground.” Take this motto to heart as you move into the second half of the year, and know that as you would cut, facet, and polish a jewel to gain the greatest value from it, your life requires an applied intelligence and effort to become your very best.

May the light of the Heavens shine through you, and all your goodness illuminate the path before you, so that your very existence brings joy and a smile to all you meet. Sat Nam.

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