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NM Fires Force Women’s Camp to Relocate–What a Blessing!

During the 2011 International Women's Camp we have experienced what it means to "Keep Up" during these changing times. After being evacuated TWICE from camp due to smoke from nearby fires, we have found a cozy home for our program at the Mother Ashram! We couldn't have planned it better if we tried.

The Los Alamos Fire created enough smoke hazard to require us to move the camp from Guru Ram Das Puri. The first evacuation was Sunday night. After an amazing class with Krishan Kaur, and as we were preparing for bed, we were told we would need to evacuate due to smoke danger. We gathered a few essentials, piled into cars, and headed down to sleep at the Langar Hall--one big slumber party. We awoke groggy and unsure of what would come next, where we would eat, and if Women's Camp would continue.  In the spirit of Adi Shakti a few women started dancing barefoot in the grass. As more women joined in we danced our prayers for rain, for trust, and for safety for our community and the communities at large being affected by the forest fires.  It was so powerful to witness this joyful response to these challenges.

Thanks to Mata Mandir Singh we were fed a delicious breakfast before heading back to Guru Ram Das Puri to enjoy excellent classes by Tarn Tarn Kaur and Sat Purkh Kaur. By late afternoon the smoke and ash from the fire began to blow into camp and it was announced that we would permanently evacuate the camp and relocate to Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, the blessed Mother Ashram. Women moved into cozy lodging in cabins at Yogi Bhajan's Ranch and at a few local sangat homes. Classes are now being held in the Gurdwara. We went from Guru Ram Das Puri to the home of the Guru, and words cannot express the impact of this opportunity to immerse ourselves in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan in the place where he taught and infused with his light and love.  Indeed, the "Mother" welcomed her children with open arms!

Khalsa Youth Camp also has relocated to the Mother Ashram. Our two camps were not only welcomed by the Mother Ashram and the Ranch but by 75 students taking the KRI Level 2 Conscious Communication course holding classes in the Langar Hall. The merging of these 3 programs has created a sense of community that Yogi Bhajan encouraged, and we know he is smiling with us as we experience the "keep up" spirit and turn challenges into true blessings. This experience has shown us what we are capable of as a community and is giving us an experience of the potential use of our facilities and resources.




  • Gobind Kaur, Seva Kaur, Guru Simran Kaur and Guru Fateh Kaur - Managing LYF and Yogi Bhajan's Ranch



  • Amrit Singh and Swaran Kaur - Managing Hacienda de Guru Ram Das



  • Sat Kartar Singh - Ashram Kitchen Manager



  • Nirvair Singh, Hari Charn Kaur, and Nirmal Kaur - KRI Level 2 Course



  • The local Espanola Sangat



And a deep-hearted acknowledgment of all the ladies of Women's Camp for showing up, keeping up, and shining so brightly during our time together!!

Love to all, Gurudev Kaur - Grateful Women's Camp participant and 3HO Marketing Director