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Yogi Bhajan Lecture Excerpts: A Man Named Nanak

Sadhana, Aradhana, Prabhupati

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, 9/25/88

I came to this country and I told you three words that are the greatest words of God: sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati. And I also told you that you will never hear them in any book or from any holy man. And I also told you this is the beginning and end and solution of all that you are going through!

Aradhana means do the sadhana as prescribed. Prabhupati means you become master of the God. Pati means husband. Prabhu means the God. The creative unknown is prabhu. I'm just telling you in very simple English so nobody can feel confused.

How can we become truthful, elegant, sophisticated, divine, and graceful, and how can this false wall be broken? And how can we see the freedom and know we'll be covered? How we'll have a shield? And to that Nanak answers—Nanak the man, Nanak the Guru, and Nanak the God answers:

"Amrit velaa sach naao, vadiaaee veechaar. Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar.Nanak evai jaaneeai sabh aape sachiaar. "

(In the Amrit Vela, the ambrosial hours before dawn, chant the True Name, and reflect deeply upon His glorious greatness.)

I tell you today, and through you to the entire mankind: There are only three words to live by—sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati! It was true in the beginning, it is true today and it shall ever be true!

If you want health, happiness and to be holy, then you'll do sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati. Everything else is bogus.

People who do not do sadhana, they do not do sadhana, and nobody can tell them to do it. When they want to reduce their unhappiness or their unhappiness becomes so unbearable, then they may do it. Otherwise they will find millions of excuses.

I tell you what is the most cowardly and weak person: a person who cannot confront his own mind. It means a master in the house who cannot confront his own servant. Then who is his master? Is the servant the master, or is the master the master? Mind is a servant and when a man cannot confront his mind, man is absolutely a servant.

I am asking you to go in the world and find the richest, most influential and most powerful person. You will find three things: At one point that man shall have no answer. At one point, that man shall have no happiness. And at one point that man shall have no man in him. These are the three disqualifications of all men who have no control over their own mind.

These are the three virtues of sadhana. Once you have your own mind under control, intuition will give you all the knowledge of the world; you have answers for everything; and you can see the soul and God right within you.

That ambrosial hour is a time to look, to see, and to praise the Infinite. Why? Why are you praising God? It is just connecting. A finite in the ambrosial hour connects with the Infinite. And all that is required to come out, is going to come out of the mind. The mind doesn't follow any rules. Once the cork is out, the genie is out and it is going to do what it is going to do.

Therefore, please understand, sadhana is essential! Daily bath is essential that you may not smell bad. Food is essential that you may not feel weak. Smiles are essential that you may not drown in sorrow. Money is essential that you have to move and pay, and buy and get. Money is a medium of services and energy. Everything is essential, but if sadhana is not essentially done, everything will fall apart.

Those who have no gift of sadhana with them, shall have no gift of happiness. Your sadhana is a proportionate source of happiness in your life. Neither your marriage, nor your wife, nor your children, nor your future, nor your promises, nor your teacher can do it. He can only tell you what sadhana is. He can tell you to do sadhana. He can remind you. The postman never writes the letter. The letter is only delivered by the postman.

My virtue in your life is only that your destiny has to achieve that highest promise which your soul made to God. And God gave you the Word. And my promise is to remind you that these three words decide everything: Sadhana, aradhana and prabhupati!

I hope you will understand that there is no power in the world which God can bestow on you but the opportunity of sadhana. When you do sadhana, and your mind is controlled, your life is together, then you can be "niaraa" – exclusively identified.

But what I'm telling you is, to all issues, to all problems, to all promises, to all good will gestures and to all difficulties, to all failures, to all handicaps, still the words of Nanak are true—Nanak the man. "Amrit Velaa sach naao, vadiaaee veechaar. Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar. Nanak evai jaaneeai sabh aape sachiaar!"

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