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January 2011 Numerology Forecast: Maintain Your Equilibrium

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

Happy New Year! We have now entered a rare season of time in the evolution of humanity. Number 11 doesn't appear often in the calendar year, and this New Year offers us special opportunities that will not be available again in our lifetime.

Eleven is the sound current of infinity, and every situation we encounter this year can be changed, elevated, or effected by the right mantra. Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar[1] should be your "christening" mantra to bless and protect the vision of your soul's prayer. It is considered the "magic mantra" in the science of Kundalini Yoga, and can shift the heavenly energies to allow for a space of grace and divine protection.

Eleven holds the vibration of relationships, and there will be an increasing connectivity of divine alignment in this New Year, allowing us to feel more supported in our spiritual evolution. Choose wisely as you gaze upon the newly ripening fruit hanging from the vine, because the overall number of the year is a 4 (2+-0+1+1=4), and 4 represents the Neutral Mind. This is the aspect of our thought process which can secure the fortune in life. Yogi Bhajan has stated that no sequence of thought will be successful until it passes through the Negative and Positive Minds, into the Neutral Mind, which holds the balance. We have just come through a very emotionally intense time in 2010, so be patient with yourself and others, as 4 represents process, structure, and order. You may have a "home run" of an idea, but if you don't touch all the bases as you go around the field, the home run won't count. That would be a lot of energy wasted!

Life will be moving at an increasingly dizzying pace, and many people will be experiencing stress over an inability to keep up with everything. Eleven is electrical energy, and the increase of this energy beaming down on planet Earth will have many people at their wit's end as they try to remain stable. One relatively easy thing you can do to help is to take Omega 3 oils. These oils act as an insulator to your nervous system and higher brain function. You will likely notice a dramatic difference in your response to stress once you incorporate these essential nutrients into your diet. Once yours truly (the author) had the opportunity to ask Yogi Bhajan directly about what we should do to help immunize ourselves from the increase of mutating viruses on the planet. His simple reply was, "Food, you are what you eat." Take this succinct message to heart as you consider your food choices throughout the year; picking the coconut water over the Coca-Cola might be the difference between your nervous system stabilizing or crashing.

As you are approaching important decisions or commitments ask yourself the question, "Will I be able to maintain my equilibrium in this situation?" If the answer is a "no" or even "I'm not sure," hold off on obligating yourself. Once you are locked into a commitment, it may be difficult to break away from it if things don't go well. Honoring one's word is an important part of conscious living, so if you are uncertain about anything, try to give yourself an "escape clause." This can be as simple as saying, “Well, let's try this on for size, and if it works out that's great, if not we can reconsider." This will help to avoid situations of guilt or blame. Remember, many people will be unraveling, and you don't want your feet getting caught up in the cord of their loose ends.

Eleven embodies the themes of balance and boundaries, and if your boundaries are weak you are more likely to lose your balance. Keep your life simple, and the projection of your emotions sincere. If you have too many plates spinning at once, your nervous system will not be able to keep its equilibrium when the electrical energy surges on the planet. Align yourself with people of a similar spiritual psyche, and use this fresh new frequency that is now available to fuel your prayers and dreams. Group energy mega-multiplies the positive effects of chanting and meditation, and you might like to start a prayer circle in your area to connect people in a spirit of creating a hopeful vision for the future. Yogi Bhajan has said, "Now is the time, and the time is now!”Use this month of January to set up a springboard of positive projections that may be enriched and empowered by your siblings of destiny. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Sat Nam.

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[1] Click here for a list of CDs with the mantra. Several meditations and kriyas using this mantra can be found in Infinity and Me, pps. 65-69, available from www.SpiritVoyage.com and www.kriteachings.org