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It Takes a Sangat to Raise a Child

By Guru Sangat Kaur

Out of the piles of messages in my Mac, work related emails, and beautiful things sent by different people around the globe, the phrase, “It takes a sangat to raise a child” was what really caught my eye late one evening.

“How true is that!” I thought. Then, a stream of thoughts went through my mind, “Oh, Guru Ram Das, that is so true. It is happening here in Belo Horizonte right now with the five kids we are sending to MPA. If we do not join hands, resources, and faith, we won’t be able to send them at all. It also applies to the construction of our school here—if the sangat was not united, we wouldn’t be able to do a thing.” 

Then I read the rest of the email and realized it was from the MPA fundraising team! The attached video really touched my heart and I found the idea of sending out such great material simple genius! And on top of that, the motivation was so perfect. If MPA offers the financial aid for so many children, it is obvious that they need to have that fund restored so that they can keep on helping more kids around the world.

It didn’t take me another second to choose 40 people in the Belo sangat to forward that video to, with a message explaining the goal of the fundraising campaign and asking them to join the chain of supporters and donate to MPA. The people I forwarded the video to are teachers--few of them are Khalsa—most of them are not. They simply have a deep interest in raising a child within the Sikh Dharma methodology and I knew they would embrace this idea.

The next morning, many had already sent me messages letting me know that they had donated! Many of them wrote back to me saying how grateful they were to have been included in such a campaign, and how important it was for them to help those who are helping us!

We have the blessing of being able to send five children to MPA this year; four boys and one girl who have completed our Sikh Dharma Extra Class School Program. They are really motivated and inspired to go to India and complete their education at MPA.

You can see many of them here in an informal gathering with their teacher, Jiwanpreet Singh, at the home of Siri Sahib Singh Khalsa and Sat Kartar Kaur Khalsa, honoring the first 40 days of their new son, Dharam Raj Singh. The children played kirtan and meditated with their hearts and souls.

Ram Ravi Singh recently turned 12 and has been leading the efforts of the other children who want to go to India. He received financial aid from MPA.

Guru Mander Kaur is also applying to MPA and probably will join the group in this life transforming experience.

It truly takes a sangat to raise a child!

It is true and I would like to inspire you to touch people’s hearts in your community and allow them to know how we are investing the money in building the future. We are working now to be able to rest later. The children we are supporting will carry on the legacy with firm hands and heads high. Free and sovereign, they will live and work to complete what we have started.

Join the chain of donors now with folded hands in gratitude!


Dr. Guru Sangat Kaur Khalsa

Belo Horizonte, Brazil