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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: What is Happiness?

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, March 27, 1979

What can make you happy? What can build happiness in you? Why are we unhappy, when we are in the image of God?

I know that money doesn’t make one happy. Money cannot decide the direction, but money can decide for things to happen. Money is what money does. The direction always comes from individual faith. If your faith is towards Dharma,[1] then everything will run according to the Dharma. If faith is towards maya,[2] then everything will run to the maya. At one time I was nobody, and I am nobody now; but I have realized one thing: that your future doesn’t lie in me. Therefore, I have to leave behind a legacy, which should guide you.

Faith proclaims and essence is enjoyed, felt. It’s not a world where you have to hassle and earn. Things shall come when they are supposed to. It’s a world of service. And the entire maya becomes the servant to please those who the Lord loves. I am a body, I am a mind, I am a soul, I am a nut, I am a happy man, I am an unhappy man, I am a big man or a small man, I am no man, I am every man: that doesn’t make any difference. But my consciousness is committed in that Unknown.

What is the enemy of the person? Fear of the unknown, fear of tomorrow. If you are afraid of it, you can never enjoy the tomorrow which should make you happy, the tomorrow which you have to embrace, the tomorrow which you have to face, the tomorrow which you have to meet. That fear is your real enemy.

You have ears but you don’t hear. You have eyes but you don’t see. You have a nose but you don’t breathe. Do you breathe with awareness? No. It [all] happens [automatically]. Life of Infinity is life of no fear. There is no difficulty. We have absolutely no fear, nothing will happen to us. I am sure. Can you believe that I am never going to die? And do you know this body doesn’t mean anything? This body is not me. I have no identity as a body. Absolutely no identity.

It is your birthright to be happy, and happiness comes only to a disciple with a discipline. Those who do not seek discipline can never be happy. It’s a technology. I understand tribal law was to brand the tribe so that you can recognize your people. So every tribe has its form and shape. But finally, if tribal law was to be exalted it got exalted to be a way where man becomes and lives exactly as God made him to live.

How you recognize it and realize it is through the teachings of the teacher, the guide. The guide guides you to the destiny of Infinity and once you are in Infinity and with Infinity, that world is the bright, beautiful world and it is your birthright to go to that world and enjoy it.

Have you ever created milk out of sand? Have you milked the desert and got the milk? Can you do that? You can't. You can't be healthy, happy, and holy without Dharma. You can't. Because what is healthy, happy, and holy? It is the chance to be beautiful. You have the chance to be healthy, happy, and holy. You have a situation, a feeling, there is some reminder somewhere.

Hope. Remember, it is your privilege and it is your right, and that’s what the purpose of life is: to be healthy, to be happy, and to be holy. Don’t forget it. If you don’t want to study it from me, I don’t care. But wherever you are, if you study to be healthy, happy, and holy, you will end up finding the Dharma and that Dharma is what we are all in.

We are trying, and as long as we are trying we are okay. We have not stopped working for it, we have not stopped hoping, and we are not giving in: and that is why the greatest mantra of the time is “Keep up.” Keep up, you will be kept up, the rest is a hodgepodge of life. “Keep up” is not a small mantra. If you ever want to know who you are and ever want to experience what you are and where you are, keep up whatever it is. The world shall bow to you.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

[1] Spiritual path

[2] The illusion of the reality of sensory experience