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April 2012 Numerology Forecast: Regroup and Regenerate

By Nam Hari Kaur

One of the most important priorities in life is the ability to take a “time out.” When our lives and circumstances intensify it is sometimes necessary to pause in order to regain our perspective. Getting caught up in the fray and fury of frantically unfolding events will not yield a healthy outcome. In many sports games the captain or manager of the team will call a time out when they see that their team is losing their focus. The opposing team naturally senses this, and uses it to their advantage. Even in individual sports, such as tennis, one person will often try to manipulate the game to their advantage by keeping a very fast pace in order to pressure their opponent into making mistakes. Hence the expression, “Never play someone else’s game.”

In April we need to take a big “time out” in order to regroup and decompress from the previous three months. Life has been intense so far in 2012, however the tide is not always high, and April needs to be a low tide restive cycle. The theme of “Relax and Regenerate” should be a post-it sticky note on everyone’s refrigerator. Allow yourself to pause and reflect on the year so far, and see if you are headed in the direction of your Soul’s fulfillment and highest potential. Small adjustments now will make a big difference later.

Another aspect of April is the tendency for things to disappear. Whether it’s your car keys or airline tickets, you could find yourself saying, “Yikes, where did they go?” at the last minute. Try to have a safe and consistent place for any important items. For example, you could tell yourself to always leave the car keys in a basket on the kitchen counter, thereby solving this potential problem.

People will be difficult to find this month as well. There is an elusive, slippery quality in regard to communication and our ability to show up on time for events, or to even show up at all. You may hear someone say, “Yeah, definitely, I’ll be there” and poof, they’re gone.

This is because the number 9 appears in the Base calculation for April. Nine is the mystery number, and represents an elusive, mysterious quality to communication and behavior. Looking to the animal kingdom, a perfect example of this would be the octopus. Whenever the octopus feels unsafe it shoots out an inky black liquid into the water so it may hide from a perceived threat. Because of the increased sensitivity in the emotional field on the planet now, you may find people responding with an escapist mentality.

It is interesting to note that in some situations there may be no danger in the environment at all. Remember, the keynote word is perceived threat. Because of the intensity of emotional cleansing this month, a person can perceive a negative feeling that is leaving their consciousness as something which is being projected towards them. It takes a meditative mind to be able to distinguish between these two realities.

A most excellent mantra for this month is the “Ad Such” mantra. There are two versions of this particular mantra, and the one which will be especially helpful is:

“Ad Such, Jugad Such, Haibhai Such, Nanak Hosee Bhai Such”


Yogi Bhajan has said about this mantra: “Anything which is clogged up in life opens up. It is for healing. That’s a healing power.” (4/12/90) I especially like the version on the Sounds of the Ether  CD. It has a very yogic naad and meter that helps to create a positive flow of the psyche. As Yogi Bhajan said, “If you don’t have the flow of your psyche, you will have nothing but anxiety.”

The number 4 of April also embodies the scope of words. Four represents the actual words we choose to speak. So, choose your words wisely, as this month has the additionally odd effect of people hearing only what they want to hear and potentially getting defensive if they have misunderstood you. It is important to repeat what you are communicating if it is critical information. You may have a neighbor that you occasionally carpool with to pick up your children from school. Be sure to leave that extra voicemail message to confirm arrangements: “So, you’re picking up Timmy and Suzy too, right, okay, thank you!”

So hit that pause button, take a time out, relax, regenerate, and know that the One who can rotate the Earth, can take care of your routine. Next month (May) heats up like a firecracker, and you will be ever so grateful to yourself for the reserve strength you have stored up in your physical body. A camel can cross the hot desert sands because of the water it has stored up in its body. The camel then replenishes itself at the next oasis.

See you at Summer Solstice Sadhana!

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