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The Amazing Bloodstone—Kundalini Rising

By Kudrat Kaur 

Bloodstone is dark green with flecks of pink and red that are sometimes said to representing the blood of Christ. Bloodstone is a variety of Chalcedony crystal. The stone is often known as Heliotrope, from the Greek meaning “Sun Turner.” Bloodstones can be found in China, Brazil, Australia, India, and the U.S.

Bloodstone is a great stone to wear while doing seva. Though not a particularly beautiful stone, it has a power and radiance enabling one to get the job done and claim it as a gift to be used for the benefit of all. It is said to increase one’s excitement and energy for living and serving others, and can aid endurance in physical activity. It is one of the few stones directly related to the Kundalini energy and gives the wearer energy and healing ability.

It is known as a great purifier and is often worn by healers to bring purity and energy to the healing space and to enhance the Kundalini energy as the healing source. Bloodstone offers strength and stability during challenging times and allows one to transcend time and space, presenting the right course of action to take. It brings courage and wonderful, positive healing energy. For healers, Bloodstone helps to channel energy so that the person doing the healing remains vibrant and full of creativity. Consider mixing your Bloodstone with Amber (the Golden Ray) as the two complement each other and are a great gift to all those who practice any healing art.

As one might realize from its name, Bloodstone is useful for all types of blood ailments. It has been used to assist in strengthening and fortifying the blood and overcoming blood weaknesses such as anemia. It is also beneficial to the liver and the endocrine system. It has long been used by women to adjust hormonal imbalances and help to stabilize the hormones through menopause. The ancient Egyptians used Bloodstone to counteract tumors and growths, and for the bones, heart, and reproductive organs, all of which are blood rich.

Bloodstone can be a vital, life-giving stone that stimulates courage and can help one achieve the highest consciousness while serving humanity. Any way you look at it, Bloodstone is a noble stone and has a way of eliciting the highest character traits in whoever carries, wears, or uses it.

Consider a divine mix of Bloodstone and Amber in your next meditation mala. Both of these stones raise and sustain the Kundalini while creating and maintaining a neutral healing space.

Kudrat Kaur Khalsa currently resides in New Mexico. She is affectionately known as "the mala lady" and can be found at her table full of beautiful mala prayer beads at many 3HO event bazaars. She specializes in creating gemstone malas and teaches how to use them with mantra and meditation to enhance personal projection and spiritual practice. To set up a course in your area, contact her at 505-747-8673 or [email protected]. View her custom mala designs at http://www.themalashop.com/