Você está aqui


By Michelle G. Martin 

Cross-legged I sat in the dark arms of the sweat lodge, 
offered my song of gratitude to Wakan Tanka. 
I found a home there. 

Barefoot, white turban on my head 
I bowed inside the Golden Dome, 
chanted my healing mantra to Guru Ram Das, 
I found a home there. 

Kerchief in hand, I opened stained glass doors to the church with the big cross, 
in the name of Christ-prayed for brotherly love. 
I found a home there.

I drove to the dark side of town, 
talked with a vacant lady, 
shared the message that recovery is possible. 
And I found a home there.

I am.

I am that I am.

I am everywhere,

And my home is everywhere.

And when I find myself in places… 
when I find myself in the hearts of good people… 
when I find myself in the hearts of others who are honestly seeking me…
I am home.

And what if ‘God’ were not a thing, a place or a person 
but a moment? 
A moment when 
brotherly love, charity, beauty, happiness 
expresses itself 
between two living beings? 
What if God were a moment 
that we can all create…

I watched a 40-something, Mercedes-styled lady roll down her tinted window,
hand her bill to the man holding his sign. 
and I took my breath.

For I am who I am, 
and every time I see evidence of myself in a moment between two beings, 
I remember 
that I am.

Michelle Martin is an Aquarian Age teacher, inspirational speaker and award-winning writer, who has held the vision of a peace-filled world from the time she was very young. She received her BA from Hollins College, VA in 1994 with Departmental Honors in Philosophy. Michelle facilitates classes, workshops, and meditation circles on a variety of subjects including crystal technology, metaphysics, and angelic and intuitive guidance. Her passions include helping people connect to higher consciousness, one another, and the natural rhythms of the Earth. An active volunteer in her community, she has been helping women with substance abuse issues find recovery since 1990. Michelle currently lives in Parkland, FL with her two daughters where she has a private healing practice and on online Etsy crystal shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/EarthWindandSky1.