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The Aquarian Man's Power is in his Presence

By Catalyst Yogi/Haribhajan Singh

“Man by nature is a self-conflict. He is the authority because he represents the sun. He doubts it because he is not sure he is the sun. So there is a little boy and a big man conflicting with each other all the time.” -Yogi Bhajan July 16, 1987

Without the warmth of the Sun there would be no life on planet Earth. With all of its power to nurture life, the Sun cannot see itself except through the reflection of the Moon. The man is represented by the Sun and the woman is represented by the Moon. Man too can only see his masculine self through the reflection of others.

The Piscean man used force and the power of his will to succeed in life. He used his might, his intellect and the strength of his muscles. Now in the Aquarian Age, the Aquarian Man, in order to succeed, must use the power of his heart and the power of his presence. Man does not trust in the power of his presence because, like the Sun, he cannot see it.

First the man must know without a doubt that he is the Sun. If the man is overly identified with the external he can easily lose his centre, especially in stressful situations. The power of the feminine tests the steadiness of the masculine. Remember that the feminine nature is the moon that waxes and wanes, forever changing. During these tests, if the man is not firmly rooted in his centre, he can easily turn into the little boy; and the feminine turns into the mother.

This dynamic is especially true in romantic relationships. The boy then leans on his ego to lash out to prove he is the man, which creates further doubt and confusion within him and with his partner. A woman wants a man that is consistent, reliable, steady, patient and positive--all qualities of the Sun. To remain stable in the face of challenges, it is said that the man should grow hair over his moon center—the bottom of his lip, also known as a soul patch.

Flowers open in the light of the Sun and fold inward when the light of the Sun disappears. When man is being the Aquarian Man he radiates that masculine warmth to all—he shines light on all. People in his vicinity feel safe to open and to truly be themselves.

Years ago I went to a dentist, which typically brings up a lot of fear in me. The hygienist was working on me and I asked her to just talk about herself and tell me about all her traveling adventures. While she was talking I practiced long deep breathing and brought my full attention only to her. It felt like I was doing a Venus Kriya. Not only did the time fly by without fear for me, but afterwards she said she felt like she received a healing—and so did I!

The Aquarian Man cannot get caught up in the external dramas of others. The Aquarian Man cannot allow the neurosis of other people to shake him from his center. Accept people and just allow them to be—shine your light and love on them like the Sun. You will see them shift and change before your very eyes, held within the power of your masculine presence. Don't underestimate the healing power of your presence.

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