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Tolerance is God Speaking to God

By Catalyst Yogi/Harbhajan

“All this creation—good and bad, yellow and brown, white and black, red and pink—has this all been created by an individual? The total creation is that of God and total creation is God, and to accept God is to accept total creation. And to accept the total creation is that of God requires sadhana, sadhana, sadhana.” –Yogi Bhajan, 7/5/81

At the global level, the powerful evolutionary energy of the Aquarian Age is guiding humanity towards oneness. We are all going to end up there one way or another because that is the truth of who we are—a single unified field of human consciousness. All the preaching, arguing and hating is simply the ego fighting to keep this illusion of separation intact.

As leaders and teachers of the Aquarian Age, it is not a wise use of your energy to try to change someone else's belief system. This method is engaging your ego to change their ego which keeps the game of separation alive.

The most powerful action you can take is to listen and to extend tolerance to that other person. This means that you must feel secure in your point of view, which does not mean that you are right and they are wrong. It is acknowledging that each one of us has a unique experience of life.

Intolerance finds its roots in the emotional body. Our physical bodies are ancient entities that automatically emotionally react to anyone different than us. This was necessary to ensure the survival of the tribe. Now we must evolve past this limitation and manage this old survival mechanism being activated in the face of our differences. You must feel this reaction in the body before the mind kicks in with its many reasons why that person is wrong and you are right.

What is the primary emotion to transcend? Fear. As humans we fear one another and especially those that the ego perceives as different than us.

To even begin to perceive the reality of that other person we must have a strong daily spiritual practice to gain the awareness to witness the emotions and mind at work. To extend tolerance is a gift to you, the other person, and to the world. Tolerance is recognizing the God in the other person that also lives in you. Truly, God is only experiencing itself through each one of us. Tolerance is God listening to God.

I remember camping on Mt. Shasta in California a couple of years ago and we invited some fellow campers over to our fire. There was a Christian, B'hai, Buddhist and others with different beliefs than us. We sat around the fire becoming passionate to each share what we knew about God, the Divine, Buddha nature, aliens, ascended masters, angels, consciousness and more.

The discussion was not to dominate anyone—it was a true sharing and genuine interest of another's point of view. At one point we looked up and there was a double rainbow that crisscrossed above us like a wink from God, giving us a little glimpse into the New Golden Age that will soon be upon us—an age where tolerance, kindness and compassion towards all sentient beings will be the norm.

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