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Be the Holy Witness for Global Change

By Catalsyt Yogi/Haribhajan Singh

We are seeing so much conflict and bloodshed in our world right now and it can make one feel powerless to do anything as the situation seems to be utterly hopeless. The Israel - Gaza conflict is on the world stage and the experts seem to be filled with conflicting opinions on who is right and who is wrong, only adding to the confusion. This is only one example of the turmoil going on in the world right now.

So what can we do as Leaders and Teachers of the Aquarian Age? Well, before running out with a placard and marching for your favorite cause, go within, be in your center and check your motivation. Are you acting from your mind or from your heart? Are you emotional or are you in your neutral yogic mind? Are you acting from the past or the present?

First you need to remind yourself that everything that is happening in the world right now is perfect. This is how the play of consciousness is unfolding for the evolution of humanity. Yes, we are seeing a lot of death through war, plane crashes and other disasters. Why? One reason is so that we can experience our oneness. All of humanity is connected at the subatomic level and when many people on the planet are suffering, we all feel it at a deep level whether we are aware of it or not. These events are triggering a deep grieving within the heart of humanity. If you feel electricity in your heart chakra, an overall heaviness, or a melancholy—this is the force of grief that is opening your heart.

Real change starts with each one of us, as this world is only a mirror of the workings of the collective unconscious of humanity. All of these old ancestral stories of war and conflict are now coming up to be healed. The days of holding holidays that commemorate the traumas of the past are ending. This is the Aquarian Age and this only feeds the story of victim and abuser—the ancient story of good and evil that has kept us in the illusion of separation for thousands of years. We need to honor our ancestors for their sacrifices but eventually we must bury the hatchet and move on in order to evolve as a species.

To create real change in the world you need to start with you. As you clean up any areas in your life where you are holding on to old grudges, and not forgiving those who have hurt you, you will begin to see your reality shift. Who do you include in your circles? Who do you exclude? Is there a race, culture or religion that brings up fear in you? This fear could have been passed down through your ancestors and it keeps you in conflict with yourself. When you are in conflict, you send this frequency of conflict out into the field of human consciousness, which only feeds war. When you begin to see GOD in the other no matter how different they seem from you, you are on your way to embodying Aquarian Consciousness. This is the best way to bring peace to the planet—to resolve all conflict within yourself. As Yogi Bhajan says, “You either live your life in peace or in pieces.”

In the future, we will begin to see conflict dissolve as the consciousness will not be there to fuel it. It is like when you turn off the stove element and the pot of water keeps boiling for a while and then eventually stops. The fuel has been turned off and we will see this conflict for a while longer as it boils off. It reminds me of a story of a group of women in their sixties at a concert. When they left they saw a young man and woman arguing. The man was verbally abusive and physically threatening the woman. This group of women made a large circle around the couple, kept silent, and simply witnessed the argument. The man continued his abuse yelling at the women to leave but they remained silent and stood their ground, The man calmed down and eventually left with his tail between his legs. In essence these women created a mirror for that man to see himself.

You too must be the Holy Witness to all conflict in your life. Do not underestimate the power of your own healing to change this world. As you become clear and consolidated you will realize that you are doing nothing, it is your Presence that is working to bring peace all around you.

So let us all in energy hold hands and bring our Powerful Presence to a world that needs an energetic embrace of peace, love and compassion.

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