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Cat’s-Eye: The Gem of Transcendence

By Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

If you knew that the eye of God was watching over you, guiding you, and protecting you all day, would that make your day? Well, wearing a Cat’s-Eye ring will do that for the sensitive benefactor. For persons on a spiritual path, it may not only make your day, but make your life.

I often hear it said, “I can only be myself.” In order to become greater than who you currently are, you must be and act greater than you are. The obvious question arises: “If I’m only myself, then how do I know how to be greater? After all, you can’t fake consciousness.” So true. However, when an appropriate Cat’s-Eye ring or pendant is worn, correct intuitive awareness beyond the limit of oneself provides the wearer with the opportunity to act in concert with his or her higher consciousness.

All gems are crystallized minerals. The gemstone called Cat's-Eye, for example, is crystallized chrysoberyl. When cut without facets in a rounded shape, some chrysoberyl have a silky string of light which looks uncannily like—as you might have guessed—the straight line of a cat's eye. In the West it’s known as a “jeweler’s stone” because it’s expensive, beautiful, unique, under-appreciated, and relatively unknown. As such, wearing one doesn't attract extraordinary attention, as it is understated, although it still reflects exceptional gem properties.

Cat's-Eye is one of the most powerful stones on the planet. In astrology, it is a representation of Ketu.

What is Ketu? In Eastern astrology there are the seven planets plus Ketu and Rahu, which are the mystical north and south nodes, or “shadow planets” of the moon—the point where the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic. Ketu is known as the descending or southern node of the moon, or the dragon’s tail.

Ketu is neutral and is considered the cause of liberation, the release from the cycle of birth and death. It is the planet of enlightenment. During its course, Ketu bestows wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and the power of discrimination. And that’s not all. It gives intuition, which provides the wearer with mastery over the arts—from healing to cooking. This seems like a wide range, and that’s what it’s supposed to be. It requires intuition to know how to heal, how to counsel someone, or how to spice a dish properly. Intuition is the virtue necessary to obtain spiritual knowledge, to discriminate, and to possess wisdom. All in all, Ketu is a great force. It is associated with the number seven. Anyone born on the seventh, sixteenth, or the twenty-fifth day of any month is especially influenced by Ketu.

In addition to the intuitive power that both Ketu and Cat’s-Eyes bestow, Cat’s-Eyes also increase strength and stamina. They provide victory over foes and save one from injuries caused by weapons or accidents. On the mental level, this gem removes poverty, promotes psychic abilities, and expands the radiant body. All of the above attributes are meant to create an environment to enhance enlightenment.

Cat’s-Eyes range in color from green to brown. The most desirable stones come from Burma and are honey colored with a vivid and straight white line. If worn as a ring, it is preferable to mount with an open back so the stone can be open to the skin. As stated above, Cat’s-Eyes are expensive, but they can be substituted with a tiger’s eye or moonstone, which are well within reach of any budget.

Cat’s-Eyes are fabulous gems. I wear them often and experience their profound effects. They provide me with a protection of knowing that my duty pervades me and God’s will guides me. Wearing a Cat’s-Eye constantly reminds us that we don’t have to be right; we have to get it right. I am guided to listen to my intuition and act accordingly. Knowing that my path is set uplifts me all day. What a gem of a gem!

Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa was at the side of Yogi Bhajan nearly every day for thirty years learning about, among other things, the veiled mystical characteristics of gemstones. He has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years and has written many articles on the esoteric qualities of gems. www.ninetreasures.com