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The Role of a Woman

by Yogi Bhajan from I Am A Woman

This is the science I am going to teach you; it has never been taught before. The most important thing in your life is your electromagnetic field and its frequency. For that you cannot look at anybody but yourself.

The most important role of a woman (in relationship) is when the male needs the female energy. It will always happen suddenly and it will always be a shock for you. “Aaaah, I was searching for you.” “What happened? I was in the house.” “No,no,no I was going to go out. Oh, I forgot; come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” Have you seen those scenes? Out of the blue, he jumps up out of the chair, “Hey, I want to throw a party for you.” You think the guy is crazy. It happens once in a while in life, not all the time, but it happens to every male. Your flow of metabolism changes all the time. They are the most freaky creatures on the planet Earth. Oh, I mean human beings. I remember as a Yogi and I remember as a human being, and I understand the difference because I remember when I was going through all these changes. I have totally studied it, and what the scriptures say is absolutely right. In the morning, the man will paint a beautiful garden of roses; in the evening when he comes home, he is as a dead soldier. When you deal with a man, you deal with a most unpredictable character. Now, with the entire unpredictability of the human being that is a male, to give him a life of happiness and ground him, a woman has to be constant, continuous and dependable; these things a man wants. No male, whether a king or a beggar can continue with an uncontinuous woman.

I would like to explain to you this problem; because to begin with, every male is uncontinuous. Now, the uncontinuous needs a continuous. When an uncontinuous gets in stride with another uncontinious, there is a clash. If your male is outgoing, you should be outgoing and not feel tired. If you go out and you’re having fun and come back at 11:30, if he feels dead tired and wants a cup of tea, he will expect you to make it for him. You will ask why? Because he is highly insensitive. Do you know what he feels, subconsciously? He feels that you are the only energy; so how can you be tired. When you tell him, “I am tired,” he will be dead before that. “Oh my God, you are tired. Honey, what happened to you?” I have seen some men even freak out. They go into a fit. I am only telling you certain things that scriptures and sages have written for more than 5,000 years before us. All the study has already been done. We are not going to discover something new, but simply I am going to tell you what it is so that you may know and understand. When a male and a female are in relationship, he thinks you are the spirit. This is the only thing you forget.

Men do not love a dumb woman. Neither do men love a depressed woman. You can lean on a man, but not with a depressed mood. When you lean on a man, he feels the energy and he feels the fulfillment that for once in his human life he is doing something. Men are very dedicated. It is basically in the habit of the male to lean on the woman. When you make him feel great, and you lean on him, that does not mean he thinks of you as dumb, weak and frustrated. No, instead he accepts you as a capacity in which he can do something. When you make him do something, he feels very loving, very grateful, very cozy towards you.

It is required of the woman to deal with a man in direct, straight communication. It takes about three months of this habit to take to the style. No claim, no blame – that is the art of a woman. The science of the woman is” always keep the spirit going. The art of a woman is: never claim anything and you will never get blamed for anything. If you want to live rich and be taken care of, do not claim anything.

If a man relates to a woman, he cannot see her as ugly, because nobody can feel the flow of bad things. It isn’t in the nature of a man. Would you like your garden to not be tip-top? Would you like your living room to not be ok? It is the nature of the male that if he is allowed to play the game, he will be your caretaker. The only mess in the situation is when you demand it. When you demand it, he gets confused. You know why? He is not intelligent enough to know what to give. He only knows what to take. The trend of his natural flow is take, take, take, take, take and your flow is give, give, give. So use every taking and blend it to the form of giving. Give him a bad time, give him a good time, give him good food, give him good advice, give him a good joke, whatever you want to give him; just put it in such a way that it looks like giving, not taking.

What is a woman? Woman is the flowing river of spirit. On its banks dwells a male, a man. It is the flow of that river, that spirit, that woman is clean, healthy and constant, the dweller shall not leave the dwelling. That dwelling will turn itself into a city, a town, a capitol.