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The Twelve Signs

By Yogi Bhajan from The Game of Love


When the universe and all its stars

Start dancing and crossing the orbit

Leaving trails of light in the triangles of the zigzag…

The very existence and its loyalty are called Aries!


When the meek becomes mighty

And righteousness comes down into the center of the Self,

And softness passionately takes over the kindness…

The universe comes through with a standing ovation,

Blessing the grace of the power of the Lord.

That is the mighty bull, the Taurus!


When innocence loves innocence

And openness becomes secretive,

And the blend of the three worlds-

Past, present and future – comes to an end…

Then Gemini is experienced!


When all the stars dance around the moon

Reflecting the mighty sun in the dawn of the day

And in the beauty of the sunset…

The total sum is the children of the moon

Reflecting through tears

The Self and the selfless

That is the Cancer!


When I was whisking away in the meadow

I heard the roar of the lion

And saw their pride laughing at me,

Because I couldn’t be like them…

Master of the beast…Singha!


In the crystal Self

I saw the sophisticated plight of the coolness of the moon

And the lightness of the breeze

Showering kisses in the morning,

And the beauty of a tiny crystal of dew – the purity of water

And the nurturing essence of fire below in the sun…

Eye was amazed being a Virgo!


When the Divine needs to be figured out,

Ability needs to be experienced,

Divinity needs to be practiced,

And the human wants to see the light…

The balance of Libra creates harmony with ecstasy of consciousness

To preserve the dignity of all living creatures.

The domain of Libras exists

In that sustained state of consciousness

Where the law of life is balanced.

In that existence the human can serve

The dark and the light

With the equality of love.


When all the akashic records are seized to be one

With the force o the wind and the power of the stars,

And when the Lord of the air and ego

Attacks and eats the consciousness of the world…
The dancing cobra, Scorpio, is realized!

From nothing to everything…

From everything to nothing…

In one moment!


When the power of the beast surpasses all limits,

And when the Infinity merges in the bounty of realization,

The sophistication of that virtue is the Sagittarius!


When all movement comes to an end

And endless becomes endlessness…

When the totality of God

And the mighty sense of the beauty of wisdom

Enjoys the relationships with the lofty character of firmness…

Capricorn is born to glorify the world for his total firmness!


When the most wonderful and exalted Self of the being,

Starts flowing like heavenly nectars

In the very being of all that it sees, touches, smells and penetrates…

In that flow of life, Aquarius exists as a lily in a pool of water.


Everything from beginning to end

In the beauty and the bias of life

Which runs in circles

And keeps the history of the universe in records,

Chasing from tail to tail…

And when all the characteristics of the character

Become humble and re-emerge to resurrect…

Then Pisces is born!

Like a slippery fish which cannot live without water,

Though water can live without it,

To prove the glory of non-existence

In the existence of tomorrow.

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