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Yogic Living

“3HO is a lifestyle of the Age of Aquarius. A lifestyle where a human shall be nothing but purely human first and will do everything graciously.” – Yogi Bhajan, 1/5/94.

Yogic Living is the 3HO monthly enewsletter which includes Yogi Bhajan lectures and quotes, community blogs, Kundalini Yoga technology and recipes—all geared towards a specific topic within the 3HO lifestyle and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. It is a comprehensive exploration of the yogic lifestyle and brings inspiration and a sense of connection to our global spiritual community.

Each month we focus on a lifestyle topic such as teaching, healing, diet, relationships, communication, mantra, etc. We hope you enjoy 3HO’s Yogic Living. We look forward to hearing your feedback about your experience with it, and what else you would like to see included.

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2015 Themes:

January: Teaching in the Aquarian Age 

February: Love and Family 

March: Motherhood 

April: The 3rd Sutra of the Aquarian Age—When the Time is on You, Start, and the Pressure will be Off 

May: The Summer Solstice Experience

June: (Join Us at Summer Solstice Sadhana!)

July: The 3HO Yogic Lifestyle 

August: Sadhana, Aradhana, Prabhupati 

September: Peace and Prayer 

October: Living in Community 

November: Transformation 

December: Gratitude 

2014 Themes:

January: The Aquarian Teacher

February: Selfless Love

March: The Sensory Human

April: Cleansing & the Yogic Diet

May: Adi Shakti—Primal Power

June: Summer Solstice and the 2nd Sutra—There is a Way through Every Block

July: Living in Community

August: Spiritual Activism

September: Let There Be Peace

October: The Aquarian Man

November: There is a Way through Every Block

December: Attitude of Gratitude


2013 Themes:

January: Healthy, Happy, and Holy

February: Authentic Relationships

March: Radiant Beauty

April: The Capacity to Heal

May: The Power of Mantra

June: Join Us at Summer Solstice!

July: Sadhana

August: The Three Minds

September: Conscious Communication

October: Open the Doors to Prosperity

November: Seva - Selfless Service

December: Gratitude